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How To Get More Leads From Your Digital Media Campaign

Forming a well-executed digital marketing strategy to generate new business is like starting a new exercise routine. 

You put on the new exercise apparel you recently bought to look and feel more comfortable. Next, you stretch for about 5-10 minutes, consume some liquids, and do the exercise. Then you have some protein and continue the routine. 

To quantify your progress, you may track the amount and frequency you’ve been lifting over the past month. Or perhaps you track specific distances you run without taking a break. There are body mass index tactics (height to weight ratio), daily calorie consumption, resting heart rate monitoring, and others.

The point is, there are several important phases that all must happen in a certain order to maximize results. 

So sticking with today’s topic, the best thing marketers can do to optimize their lead generation strategy is to build more effective Conversion Funnels. This blog article will provide you details on just that, and how to get more leads from your digital media campaigns. 

Let’s go!

Don’t try to complete everything on your checklist at once

Try to prioritize your best product & services to get the ball rolling. Find out where you want to increase your organization’s profile & visibility, and then determine which mediums are best to reach your future customers. Ask yourself questions like; what do they search for? Where do they spend the most time? What geographic areas do they reside in? 

The answers to these questions will fast-track your campaign strategy and get you off to a quick start. 

Isolate your marketing to specific themes of your business

Today, one of the biggest mistakes our agency observes with companies trying to generate leads is a lack of segmentation.

For example, staying consistent with our opening paragraph…… Let’s say you own a retail fitness equipment company. At your business, you specialize in numerous exercise products within several specific categories:

  • Treadmills
  • Bikes
  • Weights
  • Accessories

You need to isolate your marketing strategy, creative, paid media, and landing pages via individual product category. 

So what do we mean by that? 

The short answer, work to create a marketing campaign for just treadmill sales. Then another for just bike sales. Then one for just dumbbell and kettle bell weight sales. And finally, your accessories.

The category you’re investing marketing dollars into has to match your target audience’s exact intent. Yes this is more work….. but the results are guaranteed to help your cost-per-lead decrease significantly.

Theorize and construct great creative that matches your searchers intent.

You need traffic to your website, or social media pages, to start the conversion funnel process. To get that traffic, you must have engaging creative to lure / convince your prospects to gather more information about your offerings. 

If the creative looks good, your target audience will have a high propensity to click.

You will want to focus on very clear call to actions, and make sure your call to action gives the user specific information that they’re looking for. To prevent wasted clicks, it’s very important that everything is synchronized in a manner that’s consistent with the search process.

High quality creative gets this process started for you.

Have a specific, relevant landing page

Now’s the time to start thinking about the user after the click. Your landing page must be concise and must match the ad copy. This is where it begins to get exciting. Your prospect is starting to work their way down your conversion funnel. 

Your conversion rate will be higher if you are giving your prospect what they want. Make sure they are seeing your offer high on the page (above the fold) and make it seamless for them to input their information to complete the action you want them to take.

Include some kind of social proof or case studies within your landing page too!

Lastly, try and integrate video into your landing page. This is a really powerful tactic to get the user over the finish line if they’re leery about moving forward. Having a short, :30 second video that clearly explains the benefits of the service will push them to proceed.

If your landing page lines up with your keyword strategy, audience targeting, and creative you will reap the benefits quickly.

Retarget the people who have visited your site.

Retargeting is incredibly underutilized in digital marketing. Not everybody is going to enter your conversion funnel and reach the very end (i.e submit a form, download a guide, make a purchase, etc….). The relevancy of retargeted ads improves conversion rates because the people being served have been pre-qualified as someone interested in your product or service.

There are different types of retargeting as well. For instance, targeting every person who visits your site might be too broad and use up too much of your media budget. Instead, consider targeting people who visited a specific page, like some type of sales or shopping cart page.

Lastly, isolate retargeting performance and remove the ads that are not performing. It could be something very small that needs to be tweaked or adjusted. It’s the little details that are vital.

Observe your competitors

This one’s quick and easy. Just check in on your competition and determine if they are running steps similar to the content above. 

If you see an ad on google, click on it. 

Check if the landing page matches the term that you typed in the search box. See if the landing page is short, concise, and has a clear call to action.

When you’re scanning the internet the next few days, see if you’re served a retargeting ad via email / social / display. If not, you’ll know you’re ahead of the game.


A specific, strong conversion funnel for each one of your services is key to the conversion process. But so many different organizations have just a single advertising campaign, with little to no separation or remarketing strategy.

Don’t be like them.

We provided some options on how to manage your hard-earned digital media dollars and how to track results specifically from your budgets. Follow these guidelines, and your conversions will spike.