Measurement Tactics

 Detailed Performance Tracking

We Embrace Conversion Tracking so Clients Can Visualize a Clear Return on Their Advertising Spend.

The days of just tracking impressions, clicks, and traffic to your homepage as key performance indicators (KPI’s) are dwindling. Smart advertisers are moving beyond these vanity metrics and focusing more on campaign data that indicates true organizational growth. Whether it’s an online purchase, a form submission, or some type of sign up….. we monitor the precise path your customers take in their purchase process to optimize your media budgets. 

To begin, google analytics must be leveraged for every paid media channel that’s utilized in your digital advertising plan. Next, campaign tags need to be applied to each of your online ads that are sending traffic to your website. This allows us to see how consumers are interacting with your messaging and helps isolate performance more clearly.

There are also methods to track offline conversions as well. At Intercoastal we roll up our sleeves and use multiple resources to track advertising return outside of just online form submissions or purchases…. down to the keyword level. Providing our customers true 360-degree oversight for real campaign measurement.

In order for your media investment to reach its full potential, you must understand what is working and what’s not. Applying this understanding to your marketing plan, through the use of data, will ultimately separate you from the herd & fast-track your profitability.


Path to Purchase Comprehension

 Online attribution modeling

Helping You Understand The Steps a Customer Takes Before The Conversion

Attribution modeling within google analytics allows marketers to set up comparison charts that apply credit to the ads that contribute to conversions taken place on your website. This allows you to drive better future performance through data.

Google analytics defaults to what is called a last-click attribution model, meaning that the final ad your customer clicks on before performing the conversion receives all the credit for the action that was taken. Unfortunately, this ignores all of the other touchpoints that the customer  peformed before the desired action was taken. 

There are six attribution models available in google analytics today, that allow advertisers to see the multi-touch nature of a customer’s path to purchase

  • Last click attribution
  • Time decay attribution
  • Linear attribution
  • Position-based attribution
  • First click attribution
  • Data-driven attribution 

Making sense and applying the data received from these models can truly help you generate more conversions from the paid traffic you are receiving to your website.

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