Digital Implementation

 An Omni-channel approach

Combining Multiple Advertising Mediums to Strengthen Your Brand and Create More Personalized Communications. 

People spend an incredible amount of time on the search engines and social media. According to a recent report released by Nielsen, users are now spending a combined 5.5 hours per day on google related properties (search engines, YouTube, apps….) and at least one social media platform. So, if you’re an advertiser and you want to maximize your brand’s exposure to places where people spend the most time, an omni-channel digital approach is essential for your targeted media campaign.

A strategic, omni-channel marketing program helps you gather more data on which types of advertising generates the most profitable relationships with your target audience. Today, consumers have more control of the buying process than ever, which in turn applies more pressure to marketers to properly gauge each customer interaction with your campaigns. Every touchpoint, from a display campaign to a weekly email ad, needs to be analyzed and scrutinized for a marketing plan to reach it’s full potential.

Although messaging must be tailored for each channel, they must also be synchronized in a manner that they compliment each other…. as to not distract or disrupt the customer’s path-to-purchase. Our team at Intercoastal fully-manages omni-channel digital campaigns for this very reason. We help create a great customer experience on whatever platform or device your target audience frequents, and increase loyalty probabilities along the way.

The Full-Funnel Mindset

 What We Do, Strategy

Today Digital Media Campaigns Have Transitioned to a More Comprehensive, Diverse, Data-Driven Approach.

Awareness Strategies

Online Display, Geo-fencing, Connected TV, OTT, Billboards, Print, Direct Mail, Television, Cinema.

Retargeting, Targeted Social Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Data Append Programs.


Cross-Device Targeting, Google Search Ads (pay-per-click) Facebook Lookalike Audience Retargeting.

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